Potassium responses in winter crops and pastures

In collaboration with NSW DPI and the GRDC, the response of wheat and barley (Warndoo 2015) and wheat, triticale and canola (Breadalbane 2015) are being investigated. Responses of wheat and canola to K are assessed at Glenthompson (2016) with Southern Farming Systems and the reponse of pasture yield and quality to N, K and Mg is being addressed at Bessiebelle. Additional demonstrations have been undertaken on pastures in coilaboration with Meridian Ag P/L. Support of these trials is provided by Canpotex P/L and IPNI ANZ.


01 Sep 2015

Project Description

K deficient wheat

Following the market development work in Queensland over the past few years, there are several areas that are proposed for attention during 2015. Monitoring of the Queensland sites will be continued with the current sorghum crop, and there are new activities proposed for the southern region to demonstrate K responses particularly to fodder producers supplying the dairy industry.

A summary of the activities is given below:

1. Continuation of monitoring of three sites in central Queensland sown to sorghum (through Dr Bells program). These two sites are now the longest running nutrition experiment in central Queensland. Collaborators in this project are The University of Queensland, Grains Research and Development Corporation, Queenland Department of Primary Industries, Canpotex and IPNI ANZ.

2. Initiation of a new series of K strip trials focused on fodder producers in the southern cropping zones. This will be facilitated through Mr Andrew Speirs (MSA P/L – now Meridian Agriculture). The objective here is to demonstrate the response of fodder crops to K. These are not replicated experiments but purely demonstrations, and will be linked to field walks with Mr Speirs and Dr Norton. Collaborators in this project are Meridian Agriculture, three landholders, Canpotex and IPNI ANZ.

3. There are two fully replicated multiple K rate experiments currently being undertaken on a range of winter crops. These experiments are at Lake Bolac Victoria (wheat and barley) and Breadlebane NSW (wheat, triticale and canola). The primary aim of these experiments is to provide K response data to be entered into the Better Fertilizer Decisions for Crops database, but there are additional opportunities to use these to demonstrate rate responses to growers. The collaborators in these projects are New South Wales Department of Agriculture, Landmark P/L Lake Bolac, Delta Ag Yass, the landholders, Southern Farming Systems, Canpotex and IPNI ANZ.