Nitrogen Recalibration for Corn in North Dakota

The nitrogen (N) recommendations for corn in North Dakota (ND) need to be updated using actual field results from ND. Existing recommendations are based on Minnesota data, and older ND field calibration data. There have been many changes in cropping systems especially conservation tillage adoption, weed control, and corn hybrid genetics. Many of the newer hybrids are more resistant to water limiting conditions experienced in parts of ND. The study will consist of N response research experiments at a number (8 to 10) of sites depending on resources and locating suitable field research sites. This study will be conducted for two years to generate data for up to 20 site-years of research results.


22 Feb 2010

2009 Annual Interpretive Summary

All the 2010 research sites for this project were arranged, characterized, and prepared by taking soil samples. The research experiments will be planted during the growing seasons of 2010 and 2011. Experimental factors to be evaluated are N response curves from increasing rates of N along with a zero N treatment, as well as different responses of the selected corn hybrids grown. ND-16