Development and Implementation of Fertilizer BMP Guides for Six Selected Major Cropping Systems

A multi-stakeholder committee initiative, funded through a conservation grant, to develop a list of management practices applicable in North Dakota.


27 Feb 2006


  1. To compile a best management practices (BMPs) for fertilizer use for six selected major cropping systems in North America.
  2. To promote adoption of these BMPs into standard training curricula and recommendations.
  3. To hold a Fertilizer Management BMP Conference, as a major component of InfoAg 2007, to present the results of the project and the information collected about BMPs and their adoption. The conference will target farmers and their advisers, fertilizer dealers, NRCS staff, and Extension staff. These participants will be provided with information and training materials that they can use to train others.
  4. To work with the NRCS state staff and Technical Guide committees to incorporate the applicable BMPs not already present into the respective Field Office Technical Guides (FOTGs) and other publications.
  5. To develop and maintain a website as a delivery vehicle to get the information and documentation into the hands of the farmers, their advisers, and their input suppliers, who will ultimately implement the revised Fertilizer Management BMPs.