Maximizing winter wheat production with conservation tillage in the Northern Great Plains

Project assessing the potential for reduced tillage production of winter wheat in the Northern Great Plains


13 Jun 2001


      1. Maximize winter wheat production in semiarid regions of the Northern Great Plains. The winter wheat yield goal will be 10 bu/acre/inch of investigations outlined in objectives 2-5.
      2. Determine the timing and extent of water and nutrient extraction from the soil by winter wheat varieties as affected by summer fallow and conservation tillage cropping systems.
      3. Compare root exploration patterns of winter wheat varieties on summer fallow and conservation tillage acreage.
      4. Differentiate winter wheat varieties relative to nutrient and water use efficiencies and yield and protein response to tillage and nutrient variables.
      5. Determine the optimum seeding rate and row spacing needed for maximum winter wheat production on no-till and fallow conditions.