Effect of K and Cl on wheat stem sawfly damage and disease incidence in dryland and irrigated wheat

Project assessing the effect of K and Cl nutrition on crop disease and wheat stem sawfly infestation in wheat.


13 Jun 2001


    Field reports have indicated that potash (KCl) increases wheat resistance to injury by wheat stem sawfly in the Golden Triangle of Montana even though soils in the area generally have very high extractable K. Sawfly damage has increased in the past several years to the point where many producers have switched to lower yielding, spring wheat varieties that are solid stemmed and have sawfly resistance. Sawfly resistance winter wheat varieties will not be available for several years. Field research is needed to verify these observations. A quick literature search indicates that KCl decreases lodging of small grains in maximum yield situations which may apply to sawfly injury also. In addition small grain diseases have been on the increase in the area, and research from other areas indicates disease maybe reduced with KCl fertilizer.