Building a Maximum Yield Cropping System for Corn, Wheat and Double-cropped Soybeans


15 Mar 2001


    Selected sites for the ICM corn, wheat and double-cropped soybeans studies will utilize approximately 4 acres of land.

    Separate rotations will be used for the ICM corn and double-cropped soybean experiments. The corn study will follow a uniform ICM managed wheat double-cropped soybean planting. Whereas the intensive VS conventional double-cropped soybean variety experiment will follow wheat that has been conventionally managed (60 lbs N @ greenup, other nutrients applied according to soil test). It is felt that if the wheat crop was managed intensively, responses from applying additional fertility to the double-cropped soybeans may be masked.

    In both studies the widely adapted three-crop, two-year rotation of corn followed by wheat, and double-cropped soybeans will be utilized.