Boron Nutrition of Almonds


19 Apr 2001


    Boron deficiency occurs widely in the fruit growing regions of California and is a limiting element in many pistachio growing regions of the central valley. Boron deficiency results in characteristic leaf symptoms that can be alleviated with the addition of boron fertilizers. Results from experiments in 1990 lead us to believe that alleviation of foliar symptoms may not be sufficient to bring the plant to full yield. The flowering process appears to have a higher demand for boron than does leaf growth. Application of higher levels of boron however, has the potential to cause leaf burn and may even decrease fruit set. This may occur as the result of timing the application of B, and in the variable availability of B in soils. There is an immediate need therefore, to understand how boron moves through the soil and plant and the role it plays in the flowering process and to utilize this information in the establishment of B fertilization protocols.