Impact of Cropping Sequence and Tillage System on Response to P Fertilization in Durum Wheat and Soybean

A study done to improve our ability to predict when P starter fertilizer is required by crops and identify management practices and fertilizer sources that may improve early season P availability to crops.


21 Mar 2006


  1. To determine if relative effectiveness of different P fertilizer sources and placements is influenced by tillage system and preceding crop.
  2. To evaluate the benefits of a new technology, coated MAP fertilizer, on calcareous prairie soils.
  3. To determine if starter P fertilizer is required for soybeans when grown in the cold soil conditions of Manitoba.
  4. To determine if mycorrhizal colonization in soybean and durum wheat is influenced by tillage management, preceding crop and P management.
  5. To determine if tillage system and preceding crop will affect the accumulation of both potential toxic and potential beneficial trace elements in durum wheat and soybean.