Update of Gray Wooded (Luvisolic) Soils Management Publication

This University of Alberta publication on management of Gray Wooded Soils is a unique initiative. The book describes management methods that farmers could use to improve productivity of these soils.


22 May 2017

2016 Annual Interpretive Summary

The update of the publication "Gray Wooded (Luvisolic) Soils Management" has progressed well. The scientists conducting the project have been summarizing agronomic yield data, and soil and plant analytical results taken and gathered over the last four decades, at the University of Alberta Breton Plots Long-term Research site. The last edition was published in 1971, and recent research results will better advise farmers growing crops on these soils. There has also been an updated literature search to compare the Canadian results from research studies in Russia and Scandinavia on similar soil types.

During 2017, it is planned to update and revise the publication and produce an additional e-publication version. This initiative is extremely relevant and needed as there is land in the Boreal Forest areas of northwest Alberta that is being logged, cleared, and developed for cropped agriculture. The recommendations for nutrient management from the Breton Plots research on these formerly forested soils will help farmers better manage nutrient applications.