Nutrient Management and Optimized Fertilization on Wheat and Maize in Henan Province

The project has been focusing on Nutrient Expert based fertilizer recommendation since 2010


25 Jan 2009

2008 Annual Interpretive Summary

Nutrient Management and Balanced Fertilization on Wheat and Maize in Henan

Wheat field trials testing N, P, and K rates in Yanjin determined 210-105-105 kg N-P2O5-K2O/ha (OPT) to be the best balanced recommendation. This option produced 890 kg/ha (11%) more than the farm practice (FP) treatment of 195-75-75 kg/ha. Profits under the nutrient omission treatments were 150 to US$500/ha less than the OPT. The highest wheat yield at Yicheng County was 8.1 t/ha under a similar OPT treatment of 225-105-105 kg/ha.

Maize field trials in Zhumadian County found 210-90-90 kg/ha to be most appropriate, while in Yanjin the rates of 180-60-150 kg/ha obtained the best results. Profits under the nutrient omission treatments were US$130 to US$550/ha less than this OPT. At Yicheng, the highest maize yield was 8.7 t/ha under the OPT treatment.

Nitrogen timing trials also tested application options for winter wheat and maize in Yanjin. Using a standard rate of 225 kg N/ha, compared to no N application, grain yield increased by 15%, 26%, and 48% with, respectively, (1) basal N only, (2) 1/2 basal and 1/2 topdressed at re-greening stage, and (3) equal splits between pre-sowing, re-greening, and jointing stages. For summer maize, 195 kg N/ha was applied on the preceding winter wheat plots. Compared to no N applied, maize grain yield increased by 31%, 43%, and 57% under, respectively, (1) topdressing at the seedling stage, (2) 1/2 at seedling and 1/2 at jointing, and (3) equal splits between seedling, jointing, and tasselling. Large yield (and efficiency) advantages are suggested with N application schemes which put less emphasis on one-time pre-sowing application practices for both wheat and maize in Yanjin. Henan-NMBF