Study on the Fertilization Effect and Nutrient Management for Direct Seeding Rapeseed in China


10 Feb 2013

Project Description

Besides its use as an important edible oil and feed crop, rapeseed is also a promising bio-diesel crop. China has been the largest producer of rapeseed with an annual planting area of more than seven million hectares and annual production of more than ten million tons since 1999. Rapeseed has developed from a marginal crop in the founding period into the fourth most important crop (after rice, wheat and maize), and has become the most predominant oilseed crop in China. Fertilization has become the most conventional technical measure in rapeseed production, which plays an important role in the promotion of rapeseed yield and farmers income. The research on the direct seeding rapeseed fertilization and culture techniques is very little although the research on transplanting rapeseed is abundance. The areas of direct seeding rapeseed increased rapidly in China just because of simplified cultivation patterns application and development. So, it is meaningful for finding out the law of nutrients absorption and accumulation on direct seeding rapeseed.