Balanced Fertilization for High Yield and Fertilization Efficiency on Lettuce and Sesame in Anhui



27 Jan 2009

2008 Annual Interpretive Summary

Balanced Fertilization for Sesame in Anhui, 2008

Sesame is one of the main oil-bearing crops in Anhui Province, with a current crop area of over 160,000 ha. The Soil and Fertilizer Institute of Anhui, under the support of the IPNI China Program, conducted five field trials in Linquan County in 2008 to recommend better N, P, and K fertilization rates and increase fertilizer use efficiency. Unbalanced fertilization is having a serious effect on crop productivity and has been linked to increased disease and pest incidence.

Nutrient omission plots found yield to be most limited by N, followed by K. The optimum NPK rate was 150-90-150 kg/ha, which produced 1,618 kg/ha. A combination of the optimum NPK rate plus 15 kg Borax (B)/ha increased sesame yield 10% and provided an additional US$68/ha in net income. Anhui-16