Strengthening the Capacity for Dissemination of Integrated Soil Fertility Management Technologies in East and Southern Africa


12 Mar 2013


The main project activities will focus on:
  • Synthesis of past research projects dealing with various components of ISFM.
  • Develop databases to capture ISFM information at the country level and make the information available to various stakeholders.
  • Convene meeting to promote sharing of ISFM information.
  • Synthesize and produce research and extension publication on harmonized ISFM innovations and provide guidelines for their effective adaptation under variable soil, socioeconomic and agro-ecological conditions.
  • Conduct training to build capacity of CSHC to manage ISFM information.
  • Produce and disseminate ISFM knowledge sharing products (brochures, leaflets, booklets and policy briefs).
  • Participate in various country and regional agricultural meeting to promote sharing of ISFM information.