Study on Balanced Fertilization for High yield and Quality of Radix Paeoniae and Chrysanthemum in Bozhou, Anhui Province



Justification: Chrysanthemum is cultivated widely in China. Bo chrysanthemum and Gong chrysanthemum, Chu chrysanthemum in Anhui province and Hang white chrysanthemum in Zhejiang province are most famous advantage crops and known as good products for medical use and drink use. Bo Radix paeoniae and Bo Chrysanthemum are four famous Chinese pharmacopeia of traditional Chinese medicine in Anhui province. Read more

Year of initiation:2005
Year of completion:2007

Interpretive Summary

Balanced Fertilization for High yield and Quality of Radix Paeoniae and Chrysanthemum in Bozhou, Anhui, 2007 Bo Radix paeoniae and Bo Chrysanthemum are famous sources of traditional Chinese medicines. Anhui Province has a large area planted to these herbs, including 8,000 ha of Bo Chrysanthemum near Bozhou City. Also, the city’s total yield of Bo Radix paeoniae amounts to 75% of China’s total production.

Balanced Fertilization Technology for High Yield and Quality of Famous Traditional Chinese Medicinal Plants in Anhui, 2006 Chrysanthemum is a popular traditional medicine cultured throughout China. Bo Chrysanthemum, from Bozhou City, Anhui, is a particulary famous form of this medicine. Bozhou presently has 70,000 ha of area planted to medicinal herbs or 10% of the total area within China. The city is the source of 75% of China’s Bo Chrysanthemum production.

Balanced Fertilization for High Yield and Quality Radix Paeoniaeand Chrysanthemumin Bozhou, 2005 Radix paeoniae(peony) is a perennial medicinal herb while chrysanthemum is an annual medicinal herb. In this study, differences in Radix paeoniae growth and development due to treatment were not observed in the first year. Results of chrysanthemum trials have found slight alterations in selected properties and economic characters due to applied treatments.

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Justification and Methodology

Project Leader

Chengze Ma, Anhui Agricultural University
Zhou Ke-jin, Anhui Agricultural University

Project Cooperators

Li jinghui
Li Shilin
Zhang Junxia

IPNI Staff

F. Chen


Asia \ Eastern Asia \ CHN \ Anhui \ Bozhou


4r rate, banded fertilizer

Radix Paeoniae

Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K)