Agronomic Effectiveness of Mixtures of Triple Superphosphate and Phosphate Rock for Soybean


Mixture of PR and acidulated P sources can be an agronomic and economic alternative to the use of tradicional P fertilizers. This field research project evaluted mixtures of PR and triple superphosphates in different proportions for soybean. Read more

Year of initiation:2006
Year of completion:2008

Interpretive Summary


Phosphorus is considered the most limiting nutrient for soybean production in Brazil. It is necessary to add P fertilizer to most soils to obtain good economic yields. Nearly all P fertilization is carried out using acidulated phosphate . e. g. triple superphosphate (TSP). However, the co-application of acidulated phosphate, which has high water solubility and less soluble phosphate rock (PR), is thought to be a feasible alternative.

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Project Leader

Adilson de Oliveira Junior, University of São Paulo

Project Cooperators

Dirceu Kepler

IPNI Staff

L. Prochnow


Americas \ South America \ BRA \ São Paulo


4r rate, 4r source, nutrient management


Phosphorus (P)