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IPNI-38 Global Maize Initiative, Colombia Rationale. IPNI has developed the Global Maize Initiative with the idea of promoting the ecological intensification of maize cultivation. Among the selected research locations, an experiment was set up in collaboration with the Federación Nacional de Cultivadores de Cereales y Leguminosas(FENALCE) in Colombia. Objectives. Read more

Year of initiation:2009
Year of completion:2014

Interpretive Summary

The second year of the new location of Global Maize in Colombia (Meta Province) has continued with the comparison of two alternatives of Ecological Intensification (EI) in corn and three N fertilization rates, together with a set of crop rotations.

After three years of activities in the Valle del Cauca in Southern Colombia, the global maize (GM) project was relocated to the Meta Department in Eastern Colombia. The Meta Department is part of a large expanse of semi-arid savannas (the Llanos) with important areas planted to soybean and corn rotations under no-till management. An important trait of Llanos is the seasonal drought that normally occurs from November to February.

Global Maize Initiative, Colombia, 2012 This experiment was continued at the Villa Escocia experimental farm of FENALCE with two more crop cycles completed. The results obtained in 2012 were similar to the results obtained in the previous four crop cycles. The highest maize grain yields (average 9 t/ha) were obtained with Ecological Intensification (EI) and N all cycles treatment, while the lowest maize grain yields (average 2. 5 t/ha) were obtained with EI and no N treatment.

Global Maize Initiative, Colombia - 2011 In 2011, this study completed four consecutive crop cycles at Villa Escocia, and the fifth cycle was planted on October 27. The study had following specific objectives: 1) measure yield differences among different nitrogen management strategies and 2) compare the ecological intensification (EI) management against traditional maize technology. In 2009-B, the first planted cycle, the average yield in the intensive management was 7.

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Project Leader

Dilia M. Coral, Fenalce

Project Cooperators

Henry Vanegas, FENALCE General Manager
Carlos E. Molina
Gustavo Lemos

IPNI Staff

R. Jaramillo


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