K responses in dairy pastures for southwestern Victoria

A demonstration of K responses in dairy pastures


The aim of this work is to quantify potential dry matter responses, perennial ryegrass persistence and changes in milk yield in response to applied potassium in dairy pastures which are potassium deficient. The site chosen is at Timboon in the rainfed dairy region of southeastern Australia, on soils with an exchangeable K of 0. 3 meq/100 g. Read more

Year of initiation:2010
Year of completion:2011

Interpretive Summary


The sites can be established in August 2010, as the farmer and paddocks have been identified. Pasture cuts and the milk yield data will be taken each time the cows actually graze the paddocks, which will be approximately every 20 to 35 days, between September and December. Unfortunately, record spring rainfalls in the region resulted in experimental difficulties with this field work.

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Andrew Speirs, MSA Ltd

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Adrian Bond
Vicki Bond

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R. M. Norton


Oceania \ Australia and New Zealand \ AUS \ Victoria \ Southwest Victoria


4r rate, 4r source, nutrient management


Potassium (K)