Large Urea Granules for Broadcast Application in No-till Cropping - Alberta Agriculture - Lethbridge AB

Large and regular sized urea applied with and without urease and nitrification inhibitors, surface applied in fall or spring under no-till cropping.


Earlier research in Alberta and North Dakota showed that using larger granules of urea compared to regular sized ag-grade urea was a means of increasing crop yield and reducing the potential for denitrification losses by slowing down nitrification of urea nitrogen (N). Justification Potential Benefits to the Ag Industry. This would allow a low cost, low energy input method of applying N to no-till cropped fields in the NGP. Read more

Year of initiation:2010
Year of completion:2011

Interpretive Summary


Large Urea Granules for Broadcast Application in No-till Spring Wheat, 2011 This is the second site-year for this experiment. In 2010, the experiment was severely flooded, and this is the first year of analyzable data. The control zero N treatment yielded 43 bu/A, with the highest fertilizer treatment yielding 71 bu/A. The site was quite variable with a coefficient of variation (CV) of 15%.


Large Urea Granules for Broadcast Application in No-till Cropping, 2010 Progress on this project proceeded well with all the fall and spring treatments being applied on time and as planned. Unfortunately, extremely wet weather during the summer of 2010 caused flooding of much of the research site, which resulted in complete or partial losses of plots within two replicates.

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Ross McKenzie, Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development

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Ross McKenzie

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T. Jensen


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