Nutrient omission plots in spring wheat in Russia: Omsk Oblast and Republic of Bashkortostan

One-season nutrient (N, P, K) omission plots were conducted on leached chernozems in agricultural enterprises' fields. Fertilizer rates were calculated for the expected grain yield of 3 t/ha based on routine soil tests. Treatments with grower fertilizer practice were also included.


Nutrient omission plots in spring wheat were conducted in 2010-2011 on leached chernozems in Omsk Oblast and the Republic of Bashkortostan. Fertilizer experiments were conducted in agricultural enterprises' fields. The following fertilizer treatments were applied: 1) control, 2) average grower fertilization practice, 3) NPK rates calculated using the balance method (based on expected wheat yield of 3 t/ha and routine soil tests), 4) NP, 5) NK, 6) PK. Read more

Year of initiation:2010
Year of completion:2011

Interpretive Summary


The following fertilizer treatments were applied in the Republic of Bashkortostan (N-P2O5-K2O in kg/ha): 1) control, 2) 10-10-10, 3) 150-25-28, 4) 150-25-0, 5) 150-0-28, 6) 6-25-28. Spring wheat was the third crop after fallow in this location (after winter rye and buckwheat). The highest grain yield of 3. 49 t/ha was obtained with recommended application of N, P, and K (treatment 3). N, P, and K fertilizer use increased grain yield by 0. 52 (18%), 0. 28 (9%), and 1. 09 (45%) t/ha, respectively.

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Project Description

Experimental field, Research Farm, Siberian Research Institute of Agriculture, Omsk

Project Leader

N.A. Voronkova, Siberian Research Institute of Agriculture
R.R. Gaifullin, Bashkir State Agrarian University

Project Cooperators

I.F. Khramtsov, Siberian Research Institute of Agriculture
F.Ya. Bagautdinov, Bashkir State Agrarian University
A.A. Arginbaeva, Bashkir State Agrarian University

IPNI Staff

V. Nosov


Europe \ Eastern Europe \ RUS \ Omsk Oblast \ Omsk District

Europe \ Eastern Europe \ RUS \ Republic of Bashkortostan \ Ufa District


4r rate, nutrient management


Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K)