Improving Accuracy of Nutrient Removal Estimates


The overall objective of this project is to produce credible nutrient removal coefficients with a stated margin of error at spatial resolutions appropriate for a variety of common uses. This overall objective will be accomplished in two phases 1) a short-term phase (June 2011) and 2) a long-term phase (on-going). Read more

Year of initiation:2011
Year of completion:?

Interpretive Summary


Accurate estimates of the quantities of nutrients removed when crops are harvested are critical for accurate nutrient recommendations. When estimates are too low, soils are at risk for nutrient depletion and when estimates are too high, there is a risk of nutrient over-application.

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Project Description

Project Leader

Manjula Nathan, University of Missouri

Project Cooperators


IPNI Staff

T. S. Murrell



4r rate, nutrient removal

Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K)