Micronutrient Field Evaluations

A summary of six experiments on field responses to micronutrients in western Victoria.


Objective – to compare delivery strategies for Zinc and/or Copper and/or Manganese in wheat under field conditions. Site selection: Any nutrient response experiment depends on selecting sites where there is a good probability of response. For Zinc and Manganese the most likely situations are alkaline sandy soils. A high P content will reduce Zinc and drought will also reduce the availability of both. Copper deficiency is most common on acidic sandy soils with a high organic matter content. Read more

Year of initiation:2013
Year of completion:2013


04 Jul 2013

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19 Feb 2012

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Interpretive Summary


Six field evaluations of micronutrients on wheat were undertaken in Mallee (1 site), Wimmera (3 sites) and Western District (2 sites) of Victoria, Australia, in collaboration with various research partners. Both Cu and Zn supplements were evaluated on sites typical of the regions to assess the likelihood of responses and to add additional field data to the GRDC Micronutrient Scoping study.


During 2011 and 2012, six micronutrient field experiments were undertaken with cooperators from across Victoria. Sites selected on the basis of soil tests and cropping history were likely to respond to either Cu or Zn. The experiment in the Mallee investigated the effect of different presentations of Cu on what would be expected to be a Cu responsive site.

Updates & Reports


Micronutrient Field Evaluations - Longerenong 2012


Micronutrient Field Evaluations - Westmere, Glenthompson, 2012


Micronutrient Field Evaluations - Swan Hill 2011


Micronutrient Field Evaluations - Horsham, Nhill, 2011


Project Description

Zinc deficiency in wheat

Project Leader

Rob Norton, International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

Project Cooperators

Jarrod Brown, Agrivision Swan Hiil
Rob Launder, Agritech, Horsham
Brad McLean, Western Ag, Dunkeld.

IPNI Staff

R. M. Norton


Oceania \ Australia and New Zealand \ AUS \ Victoria \ Mallee

Oceania \ Australia and New Zealand \ AUS \ Victoria \ Southwest Victoria

Oceania \ Australia and New Zealand \ AUS \ Victoria \ Wimmera


4r source, micronutrients, nutrient management, yield


Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn)