Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation through Conservation Agriculture and Precise Nutrient Management in Current and Future Cereal-based Cropping Systems of the Indo Gangetic Plains

The project aims to quantify the soil and environmental health indicators under conservation agriculture and precise nutrient management to develop strategies to counteract the changing weather conditions, degrading resource use bases on a long-term basis for a sustainable agricultural production and environment system.


Research Concept The Green Revolution has been a global agricultural success story of the second half of the 21st century. The success has led to food self-sufficiency in the post populous regions of South Asia including India and China. Read more

Year of initiation:2013
Year of completion:2014

Interpretive Summary


The soil organic carbon (SOC) dynamics and changes in SOC stock has significance with respect to climate change mitigation and sustainability of agricultural production systems. The present study in its final year measured on-site SOC content and its spatial distribution in the Upper Gangetic Plain (UGP) zone of India to establish the cause-effect relationship between agro-ecological characteristics, prevailing crop management practices, and SOC stock.


Participatory trials in eight farmer fields in Haryana were conducted to assess the effect of nutrient and residue management on wheat yield, nutrient uptake and carbon sustainability index. Three residue management levels, viz. , T1- full residue retention from the previous rice crop (FR), T2- partial residue (30 to 50%) retention from the previous rice crop (PR), and T3- complete residual removal (RR) were tested at all farmer’s fields.

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Project Leader

Yashpal Singh Saharawat, Indian Agricultural Research Institute

Project Cooperators

Dr. B. S. Dwivedi, IARI
Dr. Kaushik Majumdar, IPNI

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K. Majumdar


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4r rate, 4r time, crop residue, crop rotations, greenhouse gases, nutrient removal and cycling, tillage systems


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