Predicting N Mineralization Using the Direct Steam Distillation Method in Flooded Soils

Flooded rice is a highly relevant in the State of Rio Grande do Sul (RS) where 1.07 million hectares were cropped in 2012/13 season producing 8 million tons, which represented 69% of the national production. Nitrogen recommendation for upland or flooded rice in RS is based on soil organic matter (SOM) content but, nevertheless, yield has not presented high correlation with SOM recently. Therefore, studies are in place to develope methods and plant/soil parameters more efficient to predict N availability along the crop cycle or even prior seeding time. This project aims to evaluate the ability of the Direct Steam Distillation method in predicting N mineralization in flooded soils of RS.


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Year of initiation:2014
Year of completion:2015

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Predicting the amount of N released during soil organic matter (SOM) mineralization is important to evaluate N availability for crops, as well as in the development of best management practices to maximize N use efficiency and minimize adverse environmental impacts. The objective of this study was to evaluate the extraction capacity of alkaline hydrolyzable N from soils by the method entitled “Direct Steam Distillation“ (DSD) in flooded soils of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.


Assessment of N from soil organic matter mineralization is crucial to the understanding of N availability to crops, maximizing N-use efficiency, and minimizing environmental impacts. This project aims to evaluate the ability of the Direct Steam Distillation (DSD) method to predict alkaline hydrolysis N forms in floodplain soils in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Representative soil samples (32) were collected for an incubation trial (40 degree C for four weeks).

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Leandro Souza da Silva, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria

Project Cooperators

Gerson Laerson Drescher, Universidade de Santa Maria

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L. Prochnow


Americas \ South America \ BRA \ Rio Grande do Sul \ Santa Maria


4r time, nutrient use efficiency, soil chemistry


Nitrogen (N)