Assessing the Effects of Conservation Practices and Fertilizer Application Methods on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Loss from Farm Fields – A Meta Analysis


Summary We propose a meta-analysis of the effects of water and soil conservation practices, as well as the effects of fertilizer application methods, in reducing nutrient loss from farm fields. An preliminary analysis of an existing database showed that the difficulty of a successful meta-analysis lies in how to properly handle confounding factors because studies of agriculture practices are carried out under different conditions (e. g. , crops, tillage methods, and climate). Read more

Year of initiation:2014
Year of completion:?

Interpretive Summary


This project aims to use two tools of meta-analysis--propensity score and multilevel modeling--to quantify P loss reductions arising from soil and water conservation practices. It uses the MANAGE database, which provides field scale information on nutrient loss from agricultural land.

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2015 Annual Report


Applying Statistical Causal Analyses to Agricultural Conservation: A Case Study Examining P Loss Impacts


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Song Qian, The University of Toledo

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R Daren Harmel, USDA - ARS

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T. Bruulsema


Americas \ Northern America \ USA \ Ohio


4r research fund

Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P)