Meta-analysis of Phosphorus Fertilizer Placement and Tillage Interaction for Corn and Soybean in the U.S.


Objectives 1. Find, analyze, and summarize published and unpublished field-based data on corn and soybean response to P placement and the interaction with tillage. 2. Complete a data review on yield response and phosphorus loses with surface runoff as affected by P placement and tillage interaction. 3. Read more

Year of initiation:2014
Year of completion:2015

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Meta-analysis uses statistical methods for combining results from multiple studies on a specific topic with the aim of identifying patterns among study results, sources of disagreement among results, or other relationships that may exist among study results. Simply put, meta-analysis can be thought of as "conducting research about previous research" (after Wikipedia, 2015).

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Dorivar Ruiz Diaz, Kansas State University

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Cristie Edwards, Kansas State University
David Mengel, Kansas State University

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M. Stewart


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