Carrot Seed Yield as Affected by Nitrogen Rates at Side-dress


Central Oregon produces approximately 85% of the hybrid carrot seed in the US. Hybrid carrot seed produced in this area supplies seed for the domestic fresh market as well as exporting seed to Europe and Japan. Hybrid European Nantes type carrots have become popular with consumers yet unpopular with seed growers due to unreliable seed yields. Read more

Year of initiation:2016
Year of completion:?

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Central Oregon produces 85% of the carrot seed grown in the United States. Very little research is available regarding the nitrogen (N) response of carrots and carrot seed production in this region. This field project is underway at two farmer fields in Central Oregon to refine fertilizer recommendations for carrot and carrot seed production.

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Tracy Wilson, Central Oregon Ag Res

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Amber Moore

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R. Mikkelsen


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