Improvement of Recommendations for Potash Fertilizer Use and Adjustment of Currently Used Soil Potassium Test Interpretation Classes in Intensive Cropping Systems

The project has the following goals: a) determine optimal potash fertilizer rates for major crops in crop rotation that have a high demand for potassium, b) evaluate the validity of currently used soil test potassium interpretation classes for proper assessment of plant potassium requirements, c) develop proposals to the Ministry of Agriculture on possible fine-tuning of current practice to develop K fertilizers recommendations and adjustment of currently used soil test potassium interpretation classes. Locations of field experiments - Lipetsk, Voronezh, Belgorod, and Rostov Oblasts (Russia). Soil types - Chernozem soils with medium and “increased” (higher than medium) content of routinely extracted potassium. Crops - sugar beet, grain maize, rapeseed, soybean.


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