Intensification of forage production in Vologda region

The 3-years project was established on the leading regional dairy farm with crop area under forages grasses and legumes 2 600 ha and 4 110 heads of cows. This project has a special focus on intensification and quality of northern forage production for dairy farm due to more intensive cutting, combined with applications of N, P and K in optimized rates and time to meet needs of management for higher content of crude protein and soluble sugars. In addition, the most important forage quality parameters are monitored such as Neutral Detergent Fiber (NDF), NDF Digestibility, acid-detergent fiber (ADF), ensiling qualities, nitrates and others. The practical outcome from the project will be the development of fertilizer management system for forage productivity 10 t of dry matter per ha for the season. Current average forage productivity in the farm for the season does not exceed 4 t of dry matter per ha.


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