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International Plant Nutrition Institute

The mission of IPNI is to develop and promote scientific information about the responsible management of plant nutrition for the benefit of the human family.
  • IPNI’s research program supports 4R nutrient stewardship for the sustainable use of plant nutrients needed to meet future global demand for food, feed, fiber, and fuel.
  • Research projects are located in most major agricultural regions of the world
  • Research partners make up the heart of IPNI’s research effort since IPNI has no experiment stations or research laboratories
  • Research projects focus on both global and regional issues.

The major periodic publications featuring IPNI research results are the Interpretive Summaries, Better Crops with Plant Food, and Research with Impact. In addition, the research is also often published in international scientific journals.

IPNI scientists and our university and government collaborators also communicate the results through numerous educational meetings, through the agricultural and popular press media, and in other ways to advance the rapid implementation and adaptation of the research results by professional crop advisers, agricultural consultants, fertilizer retailers, state, regional, and national industry associations, and leading farmers.

IPNI research results are directly communicated to practitioners in our major periodic publications Interpretive Summaries and Better Crops with Plant Food. In addition, the research is also often published in IPNI regional publications and international scientific journals.

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