Ammonium Sulfate for Canola in Southeastern Australia

Evaluation of ammonium sulfate as a S source for rainfed wheat and canola cropping systems.


27 Jan 2010

Project Description

Most growers recognize that canola has a much higher demand for sulfur than cereals, with the oilseed having almost three times the grain S concentration compared to wheat. To meet this demand, many growers use low rates of gypsum (calcium sulfate) applied before sowing, and then meeting the N demand with a combination of at-sowing and topdressed urea. This strategy is now coming under investigation, especially the S strategy in low rainfall regions where the relatively low solubility and sometimes variable S content of gypsum can be a problem.

In collaboration with Incitec Pivot and the International Plant Nutrition Institute, University of Melbourne student, Tauhid Khan is investigating the role that ammonium sulfate (AmS) can play as a fertilizer for cropping systems in southeastern Australia.