Potassium responses in winter crops and pastures

In collaboration with NSW DPI and the GRDC, the response of wheat and barley (Warndoo 2015) and wheat, triticale and canola (Breadalbane 2015) are being investigated. Responses of wheat and canola to K are assessed at Glenthompson (2016) with Southern Farming Systems and the reponse of pasture yield and quality to N, K and Mg is being addressed at Bessiebelle. Additional demonstrations have been undertaken on pastures in coilaboration with Meridian Ag P/L. Support of these trials is provided by Canpotex P/L and IPNI ANZ.


13 Oct 2016

K rate and placement for wheat and canola

Field experiment at Glenthompson
Field day on K rate and placement for wheat and canola

The objectives of this experiment are:
  • To compare the response of wheat and canola to four rates of applied K
  • To compare the effects of seedbed applied K on emergence and early growth of wheat and canola
Trial design
four rates of K applied as muriate of potash (0. 25, 50 and 100 kg K/ha)
K applied either at seeding through a dual chute combine, or topdressed at GS15.
Two crop types, Hyola 650TT canola and Beaufort wheat.
Canola seed treated with Jockey, Stayer and Picus, wheat treated with Kobial and Ranconda Dimension.
The trial wsa sown on May 12, 2016.

Soil test report:

Emergence counts
Early ground cover assessments.
Biomass and nutrient uptake at flowering (wheat) and mid-flowering (canola).
Yield, grain protein and oil content,
Grain nutrient concentration.