Establishing a Plant Nutrition Network for the CREA Region in Southern Santa Fé

On-farm field experiments establish as a long-term network in 2000, to evaluate responses to N, P, and S in wheat, soybean, and maize in the southern Santa Fe and Southeastern Cordoba regions. Evolution of soil properties are evaluated periodically in teh different treatments.


27 Nov 2006

Photos of Corn 2006-2007 - Network CREA Southern Santa Fe

The following are photos showing the different treatments of the corn cops 2006/07 at Balducchi and La Blanca sites at V5 stage.

Balducchi Check treament

Balducchi PS treament

Balducchi NS treament

Balducchi NP treament

Balducchi NPS treament

Balducchi NPS Micros treament

La Blanca Check treament

La Blanca PS treament

La Blanca NP treament

La Blanca NPS treament

La Blanca NPS Micros treament