Establishing a Plant Nutrition Network for the CREA Region in Southern Santa Fé

On-farm field experiments establish as a long-term network in 2000, to evaluate responses to N, P, and S in wheat, soybean, and maize in the southern Santa Fe and Southeastern Cordoba regions. Evolution of soil properties are evaluated periodically in teh different treatments.


21 Mar 2008

Trigo 2007/08 en la Red de Nutricion de CREA Sur de Santa Fe / Wheat 2007/08 in the Nutrition Network CREA Southern Santa Fe

Report of 2007/08 wheat field experiments of the Nutrition Network of CREA Southern Santa Fe

On 2007/08, three experiments of the Nutrition Network CREA Southern Santa Fe were under wheat. Results indicated that:
    1. Soil testing at wheat sowing showed residual fertilization effects of previous seasons on nitrate-N, Bray 1 P, and sulfates-S.
    2. After seven years of experimentation, wheat yields in the continuous Check treatment show the depletion of N, P, and S reserves, reaching only 36% of the yield obtained in the continuous NPS treayment.
    3. Spikes per m2 and grains per m2 were significantly related to grain yields.
    4. Considering precipitations from June to November, average water use efficiencies were of 6.1, 10.2, 10.4, 15.8, 16.0 and 16.8 kg/ha per mm, for the treatments Check, PS, NS, NP, NPS and Complete, respectively.
    5. Average responses to N, P, S, and other nutrients was of 2100, 1930, 102 and 321 kg/ha, respectively. In the three sites, there was a significant response to NP, and at one site to other nutrients. No responses to S were observed in this season.
    6. Considering the 28 sites under wheat along the 5 seasons evaluated in the Nutrition Network, significant relationships were established between grain yields and soil nitrate-N at sowing + fertilizer N, 130-140 kg/ha allow to reach grain yields of 4000 kg/ha.
    7. A critical level of 15-20 ppm Bray 1 P was determined.
    8. Responses to S were not related to sulfate-S availability at planting.

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Photos of Check and NPS treatment at Balducci site. Fotos del Testigo y el tratamiento NPS en el sitio Balducci: NPS Balducchi 2007.jpgCheck Balducchi 2007 2.jpgCheck Balducchi 2007.jpgNPS Balducchi 2007 2.jpg