Establishing a Plant Nutrition Network for the CREA Region in Southern Santa Fé

On-farm field experiments establish as a long-term network in 2000, to evaluate responses to N, P, and S in wheat, soybean, and maize in the southern Santa Fe and Southeastern Cordoba regions. Evolution of soil properties are evaluated periodically in teh different treatments.


01 Jan 2015

2014/15 season: Maize crop at the Balducchi site of the Nutrition Network CREA Southern Santa Fe

NPS treatment at Balducchi - Maize 2014/15

The Balducchi site at Teodelina (Santa Fe, Argentina) is one of the five on-farm experiments of the Nutrition Network CREA Southern Santa Fe, a long-term study started on 2000. In the 2014/15 season, the site has been planted to maize. The weather conditions have been very good so far and the responses to N, P, and/or S are very clear at the stage of V10-11 (see photos below). The conditions are prone to the development of fungal diseases and preventive treatments would take place in the next week.

The Nutrition Network is under a detailed analysis regarding yields, yield responses, economic results, and soil health at this point; with future developments looking into aspects such as carbon and water footprint.
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