Agronomic testing and introduction of potassium chloride in Pakistan


23 May 1995

1995 Annual Interpretive Summary

Potassium research studies conducted throughout the country in 1995 support previous results showing significant yield increases in major crops where soil available K levels are inadequate. Also, these studies show that muriate of potash (MOP) and sulfate of potash (SOP) do not differ significantly in terms of yield response or environmental impact on soil and water quality. Recommendations regarding potash use follow research evidence regarding crop sensitivity to chloride (Cl) and requirements for sulfur (S), as well as the quality of canal and tube well water used for irrigation with respect to these anions.

A bulk blending workshop was held to explain and demonstrate this technology as a means for achieving balanced fertilization. During the workshop, the government of Pakistan announced its decision to allow importation of MOP as well as SOP. PAKISTAN-01