Evaluation of Urea Nitrogen Fertilizer Treated with Nutrisphere Polymer Additive to Increase Fertilizer Efficiency

The use of polymer additives to regular soluble fertilizers has been shown to increase the uptake of fertilizer nutrients into target crops. The mechanism of activity of the polymers is thought to slow down the reaction of the fertilizer nutrient ions and molecules with various soil compounds. The Nutrisphere polymer additive is added to urea or urea containing nitrogen fertilizers.


15 Feb 2010

2009 Annual Interpretive Summary

This project consists of three experiments comparing regular granular urea, urea treated with Nutrisphere-N® (a polymer coating) and Super Urea (including both urease and nitrification inhibitors) at 45, 90, and 135 kg N/ha. The experiments were conducted on spring wheat, barley, and canola. This study was initiated in April 2008, repeated in 2009, and will be conducted for a third year in 2010.

In 2009, growing conditions were excellent at the Indian Head Research Farm. A significant response to N was observed for all three crops. All three forms of N did equally well as no differences in yield were observed between N forms for all three respective crops. SK-40F