Yield Response of Intensively Managed Corn and Soybean to Potassium Fertilizer Rate and Placement


17 May 2001

2000 Annual Interpretive Summary

Role of Potassium Fertility in Reducing Soybean Stresses Associated with Early Planting, Disease, No-till, and High Yield Environments, 2000

The increasing acreage of the soybean crop in Ontario is driving many growers to shorter rotations with less tillage. In addition, growers are interested in exploiting the yield advantage of early planting. Fertility needs may differ under these circumstances. The goal of this new project is to explore management options for capitalizing on potential yield advantages to early planting of soybeans under high yield environments. The specific objectives are: 1) to examine the role of K in alleviating soybean stresses associated with early planting, disease, no-till, and high yield environments and 2) to determine the role of K nutrition and yield level on end-use quality characteristics of soybeans.

Plans are being made for factorial field experiments at two locations in 2001. Particular attention will be given to in-season assessment of yield-limiting factors throughout the growth of the crop. ON-24F