Impact of Degree of Fertilizer and Manure Incorporation and Timing of First Runoff Event on Phosphorus Losses to Surface Runoff


01 Sep 2015

Project Description

Description of Activity and Deliverables: This activity is one of two in the 4R Nutrient Stewardship Research Network that examines placement and timing of P addition on mitigating runoff P losses. This activity will be carried out in south western Ontario where a P loss from agricultural runoff to Lakes Erie and Ontario needs to be reduced.

The project will have three major parts: i) controlled runoff studies assessing fertilizer and manure P placement/incorporation, ii) controlled runoff studies assessing commercial fertilizer placement and timing to first runoff event, and iii) field study relating runoff and incorporation methods on P losses from fertilizer and manure.
The primary objective of this proposed study is to assess the impact of varying degrees of incorporation and time between application and runoff event on fertilizer and manure P losses in subsequent rainfall events. The objective will be achieved through the use of runoff boxes and rainfall simulations. The purpose of conducting these studies in a controlled environment is to reduce variability associated with soil surface conditions, flow paths and environmental conditions (e.g. variations in precipitation timing and intensities) that could mask potential differences between material sources and treatments. Such activities should allow for an assessment of the potential benefits and risks of specific management practices with respect to P export from agricultural lands with respect to forms, timing (i.e. conditions) and placement of P amendments.

    1. Assessment of the impact of source of P (manure versus fertilizer) on P losses in runoff from three soil types and the importance of placement/application method to mitigate risk of runoff P from different sources.
    2. Assessment of potential seasonal differences risk of P loss through implementation of wetting/drying cycles and effectiveness of P application method on mitigating fertilizer P losses in runoff.
    3. Field evaluation of the effectiveness of method of fertilizer P form and incorporation on P losses in runoff using either simulated rainfall or natural precipitation. Impact of treatments on the fall – spring runoff P losses from natural precipitation events to assess effectiveness of practices on mitigating P losses.
    4. Provide results of the activities to the synthesis activities in this project.

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