Documenting Nutrient Deficiency and Accumulation Rate in Vegetables

Greenhouse hydroponic study to document nutrient deficiency symptoms in various annual and perennial crops


22 May 2017

2016 Annual Interpretive Summary

This on-going research project is designed to document the progression of nutrient deficiency symptoms in the leaves of common horticultural crops by growing plants in a carefully controlled greenhouse environment. During this last year, photographs were taken of nutrient-deficient potatoes, cucumbers, blueberries, and coffee. The first e-book from this research project has been released for reading on a smartphone, e-reader pad, or computer, illustrating nutrient deficiency symptoms of broccoli. A second e-book documenting nutrient deficiency symptoms of Romaine lettuce will be released shortly. A comprehensive study on potato nutrient deficiency symptoms is now underway to examine the progression of symptoms of both determinate and indeterminate potato varieties. These images will be prioritized for release in the next e-book as a service to the global potato industry. The broccoli book is available for download at