Evaluation of Enhanced Nitrogen-use Efficiency Products

Currently, there has been a growing interest in using enhanced Nitrogen (N)-use efficiency (NUE) products in western Canada.


02 Jun 2018

2017 Annual Interpretive Summary

This project first consisted of conducting a comprehensive literature review on enhanced efficiency nitrogen (N) fertilizer products from research conducted in western Canada. An impressive data set has been gathered from cooperating researchers and is being analyzed for an economic cost-benefit analysis. Work on the literature review progressed well in 2017. There are a few researchers that have recently submitted their results for peer-reviewed scientific publication, and this further information will be added to the study database of results. The majority of the research data was collected by May 2017. Agronomic yield data from field research trials, along with prices of the various enhanced-efficiency and regular N fertilizers, as well as equipment and labor costs, are being used to develop overall cropping system budgets and compare the various N fertilization products in the final report.

The final report of this project is planned to be completed in 2018.