Development and Dissemination of 4R Nutrient Stewardship Knowledge to Support Crop Production Intensification


25 Mar 2014

2013 Annual Interpretive Summary

The objective of the project is to develop a Nutrient Expert® (NE) tool for Moroccan farmers and extension specialists to implement appropriate nutrient management practices for wheat production. On-farm experiments were established in 2013 under semi-arid rainfed wheat production systems in the Chaouia region. Six experimental treatments were established at five locations - three sites in Settat province and two sites in Berrechid province. Each on-farm experimental plot was planted with bread wheat and with durum wheat under five nutrient treatments, viz., optimum treatment (OPT) (150 kg N + 75 kg P2O5 + 100 kg K2O kg/ha), omitting N from OPT, omitting P from OPT, omitting K from OPT, control (without fertilizers) and farmer fertilizer practice (FFP). Among the six experimental plots, two were established under no tillage system. Grain yields will be measured and the response to added nutrients will be determined in the coming year.