Evaluation of the Potassium Status of Arable Soils in Ukraine on the Basis of Modern Soil Diagnostic Techniques and Development of Recommendations for the Rational and Efficient Application of Potassium Fertilizers.

The project has the following objectives a) provide an accurate assessment of K status of arable soils, b) determine the demand for K fertilizers, c) establish the efficiency of K fertilizers in the soils of the main soil-climatic zones, and d) work out fertilizer recommendations for maize, wheat and sugar beet grown on chernozems. The data of the automatized informational database on Ukraine and CIS countries containing information on soil properties will be summarized and supplemented. The data of soil survey, Ukraine Agrochemical Service experiments and geographic network of long-term experiments will be analyzed and generalized.


18 Sep 2014

Use of National Standards for Diagnosing the Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium Statuses of Ukrainian Soils

by A.A. Khristenko