Research in Herbosa Succession Process Based on Soil Fertility Evolution

Weed biodiversity is one of the indicators of farmland ecological environment and greatly affected by different fertilization patterns. This research program was to study weed community under different fertilization patterns in farmlands based on long term field experiments in Hubei, Anhui and Jiangxi provinces, and to explore evolution trend of weed community structure in the fields of rice, maize and wheat.


03 Mar 2010

Project Description

Ecological adaptation of plants is the mutual interaction result between the plants and their standing environment. It reflects not only adaptive ability and growth and development rule of plants, but also effects degree of environment to the plant community. In an agro-ecosystem, the soil condition changes that caused by long-term fertilization could bring about new pressure of natural selection for farmland weed. And just because of this, the weed occurrence frequency, weed community component and diversity, soil weed seed bank were also significantly modified by afterward reconstructed interspecific competition relationship.
Agro-ecosystem is an artificial ecosystem under intensive human disturbances. It is equally under the condition of global warming, nitrogen settlement of the air, soil erosion and acidification alike in natural ecosystem. Weed community, as an important component of the agro-ecosystem, will exhibit a variety of traits in its natural succession process and pattern under soil fertility evolution. These traits will implicate and illuminate for rehabilitation of natural ecosystem and management of weed in farmland.
Three experimental sites were set in this project. They were located in Honghu county of Hubei province, Yichang county of Hubei province, Minhou county of Fujian province. The objective is to disclose the grass community succession process and patterns through accelerating soil fertility evolution by long-term fertilization, and at last, to provide scientific foundations for comprehensive management of weed in farmland and rehabilitation of degraded natural ecological system.