Balanced Fertilization for High Yield and Fertilization Efficiency on Lettuce and Sesame in Anhui



31 Jan 2007

Project Description

Sesame is one of the main oil crops and covered area over 160,000 hectares in Anhui province. The Guoyang lettuce is a kind of special variety of tip-leaf vegetable lettuce, and its processed dry material--Guoyang Taigan is a kind of well-known vegetable in China. There are about 20,000 hectares lettuce for Taigan planted in Anhui and Guoyan county is the largest production area of Taigan in China. In recent years, intensive planting of sesame ans lettuce for Taigan with poor management such as unbalanced fertilization result in the crops yield and quality decreased. Beginning from 2006, the Soil and Fertilizer Institute of Anhui province implemented field trials to study the BF technology for these two crops in Anhui.