Research Projects


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IPNI-2014-BRA-63Brazilian Nutrient Balance

Nutrient balance is a tool to evaluate the use of fertilizers. In order to have a sustainable crop p ...

IPNI-2010-BRA-61Brazilian Soil Fertility Survey

Brazil lacks modern data for soil fertility surveys which can help the government, industry and crop ...

IPNI-2016-BRA-74Biomass production of forage grasses in response to nutrient use in Brazil

Brazil is an important beef producer and world exporter with a herd size of over 210 million heads t ...

IPNI-2014-GBL-62Breaking Soybean Yield Barriers: Integrating Crop Production Practices & Comprehensive Fertilization Strategies – a Cropping System Approach

This project is studying the effects of different farming systems on soybean yield in major producti ...

Latin America - Southern Cone