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IPNI-1993-CAN-ON13Kenneth M Pretty Graduate Scholarship

In memory of Kenneth M. Pretty (OAC '51) a scholarship of $2,000 is awarded annually to a student in ...

North America
IPNI-2014-CAN-SK43Improving P-efficiency in Crops Through the Management of Highly Effective Beneficial Soil Microorganisms

Better use efficiency of both indigenous soil phosphorus (P) and applied P fertilizer by cropping sy ...

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IPNI-2016-CAN-AB37Evaluation of Enhanced Nitrogen-use Efficiency Products

Currently, there has been a growing interest in using enhanced Nitrogen (N)-use efficiency (NUE) pro ...

North America
IPNI-2016-CAN-AB38Update of Gray Wooded (Luvisolic) Soils Management Publication

This University of Alberta publication on management of Gray Wooded Soils is a unique initiative. Th ...

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