Large Urea Granules for Broadcast Application in No-till Cropping - Alberta Agriculture - Lethbridge AB

Large and regular sized urea applied with and without urease and nitrification inhibitors, surface applied in fall or spring under no-till cropping.


24 Mar 2011

2010 Annual Interpretive Summary

Large Urea Granules for Broadcast Application in No-till Cropping, 2010

Progress on this project proceeded well with all the fall and spring treatments being applied on time and as planned. Unfortunately, extremely wet weather during the summer of 2010 caused flooding of much of the research site, which resulted in complete or partial losses of plots within two replicates. Statistical analysis of plots remaining was done using the missing plot function of the statistical analysis program used. The variability of the data resulted in little significant differences in the experimental factors of timing of application (fall compared to spring), size of granule (regular urea compared to 1/2-in. diameter urea), and with or without addition of a urease inhibitor. This project will be continued for 2 more years at this site. AB-28