Improvement of Winter Wheat Mineral Nutrition on Calcareous Common Chernozems

A one-season demonstration experiment in winter wheat grown after sunflower is conducted on farmer’s field. Recommended nutrient management is compared with farmer fertilizer practice. The variability of soil fertility is also studied in this project.


04 Feb 2013

2012 Annual Interpretive Summary

A K omission plot demonstration trial in winter wheat was initiated in fall 2012. It is a one-season demonstration experiment conducted on farmer’s field (Egorlyk District, Rostov Oblast, Southern Russia) in one replication to show the effects of K fertilization to growers in the region, who normally skip K fertilization. Two fertilizer treatments were studied: N40P26 (farmer practice) and N40P26K40. Plot size is about 19.5 ha. Winter wheat was grown after sunflower. The variability of soil fertility parameters is also being studied in this project, including nitrate N, Olsen P, exchangeable K, P, and K extracted using routine extraction with (NH4)2CO3 solution. Results from this trial (initial soil fertility parameters and winter wheat grain yield) will be due in the end of summer 2013. IPNI-32