Nutrient omission plots in spring wheat in Russia: Omsk Oblast and Republic of Bashkortostan

One-season nutrient (N, P, K) omission plots were conducted on leached chernozems in agricultural enterprises' fields. Fertilizer rates were calculated for the expected grain yield of 3 t/ha based on routine soil tests. Treatments with grower fertilizer practice were also included.


21 Feb 2012

Project Description

Nutrient omission plots in spring wheat were conducted in 2010-2011 on leached chernozems in Omsk Oblast and the Republic of Bashkortostan. Fertilizer experiments were conducted in agricultural enterprises' fields. The following fertilizer treatments were applied: 1) control, 2) average grower fertilization practice, 3) NPK rates calculated using the balance method (based on expected wheat yield of 3 t/ha and routine soil tests), 4) NP, 5) NK, 6) PK. MAP was used as a source of P in the Republic of Bashkortostan (thus, 6 kg N/ha were applied in the treatment 6), and wheat seeds were treated with Cu and Zn in treatments 3-6 at this experimental location. Soil available P (Olsen) and exchangeable K were measured in addition to routine soil tests for P and K (0.5 M CH3COOH). Nutrient removal in wheat grain and straw was studied in these field experiments.